Safety & Security Film

SafetySecurityProtect your home or business with a high-quality Solar Gard Armorcoat window film from SELECT Window Coatings & Graphics. Constructed from high-quality polyester layers that strengthen your existing windows, our custom-fitted window films are nearly invisible, and hold the glass together under high impact. No flying shards or broken glass on the floor – and no unwanted intruders invading your property.

Safety Film

Perfect for homes located near parks, golf courses, or any high-traffic area, our 4 mil safety film holds your windows in place, preventing further injury or damage from flying glass. You can’t predict accidents from golf balls, baseballs, or Frisbees, but our safety film helps protect against them.

Security Film

Strong enough to hold glass in place from high impact, even in the event of an explosion, our security films provide the best protection for your windows. Available in thicknesses ranging from 7 – 14 mil, our films firmly attach to your window. We’ll help you choose the proper level of protection for your specific needs, whether it’s to deter smash-and-grab, keep out unwelcome visitors, or protect against severe weather.

Proudly made in North America, our high-quality window films help protect your home or business, while keeping your windows bright, clear, and very beautiful.

Are you ready to protect your home or business from unwanted intruders, vandalism, or natural disasters with an exceptionally

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